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Are there any used/out-of-print dealers here who use Biblio? Since ABE just instigated its ridiculous credit card processing rules (we can no longer process our own credit card sales - ABE does it for us at an exorbitant fee), I've decided to check out other online bookselling sites. I've heard good things about Biblio, and I signed up today. But I don't know anyone who sells on that site. (I scrolled though dealers in my state and recognized only 3 dealers who are well-known and respected.)

I also sell on Alibris (and this past week where they didn't make an expected payment of much-needed cash just about KILLED me). They won't be paying until THIS week, which means I have not been paid yet for a book I sold MARCH 7! I hate the fact that they hold on to our money for so long.

A couple of people I know have mentioned setting up an eBay shop. Does anyone here have permanent listings on eBay? How are sales?

Since Alibris no longer lists with Amazon, I have no more Amazon sales. Does ANY site sell through Amazon these days? Or do you have to set up a seller account ($$$$$$$$$$$$$) there?

My own website does all right. Not a lot of sales, but it's consistent and always does better than I expect.

There have to be other options.

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We have only sold a few things through Biblio - but they've been higher-end books. We left ABE this month - the free shipping search-redirect crap was bad enough, but the combination of the credit card fees and the forced ISBN/stock photo matching pushed us over the edge. We have nice first editions that showed up on ABE as paperback reprints!

Anyway. I have faith that Biblio is on its way up. Sorry fot the rant! :)
We have nice first editions that showed up on ABE as paperback reprints!

Yikes. I wonder if that's happening with my books. How did you find out? How was it happening?
sorry for the delay. I was on the ABE forum and saw another bookseller complaining about the ISBN thing - I pulled up our records on ABE and lo and behold, ours had the same thing. I contacted customer service, but they just gave me the runaround for weeks. I never did figure out how to fix it.

When we closed our account at the end of the month, we cited the ISBN mismatch, the lack of contact information (they took down the bookstore's contact information, so that all inquiries would have to be routed through ABE - fine, except that our store has three branches, and customers were getting confused), the 'free shipping', the site problems and delays, and finally the credit card issue.
As much as I hate what ABE is doing, if you can put up with Alibris, I would stay with ABE --they're still cheaper.

I like the idea of an eBay shop --especially now that they're being searched whenever someone searches eBay (you used to have to search them separately). But, I don't they'll be a good replacement for ABE --I think they'll work best for eBay auctions that don't sell, but are odd/unusual --because you'll already have the auction set up. I think many eBayers expect photos and an auction-like presentation.

That change with the Albris payment schedule, puts even some non-ship-to-warehouse sales in the over 30 day category! I found it really annoying --if it wasn't for the increased cash flow from the closing-the-shop sale, it would have really hurt.

I've heard good things about Biblio and plan on joining them after the shop closes. I also hear that Amazon is very effective for many dealers --often a dealer's best sales channel (though --they are expensive). I plan on setting up a seller account there after the shop --though, I may upload through Alibris. I may even do TomFolio as well --as much as I hate the name.

I now have my Chrislands site prices at 95% of my ABE and Alibris prices --to encourage people to order there instead of on the high commission sites and I'll probably lower it to 90%, because I'll still get a larger share than from ABE or Alibris plus I'll get my money now on those sales --and I feel better about giving a break to a customer than I do about paying the share to ABE and Alibris --not because I don't feel that they don't deserve a commission, but because they are incrementally screwing us and usually tell us it's for our benefit!
I may even do TomFolio as well --as much as I hate the name.

We tried TomFolio for about 6 months. They were very nice people, but we had exactly ONE sale. In six months. For a $15.00 book. And I have always suspected that it was someone at TomFolio who actually bought the book (the sale came after I had written them expressing concern that I had had no sales in several months - then BINGO! ... a sale out of nowhere).

For me, Alibris is cheaper than ABE (I'm sure I have fewer titles listed than you do). Alibris used to be GREAT. Now ... less great. I have fairly good sales through them (and their B&N program), but since they lost Amazon and since they instituted their monthly fee I'm becoming less and less enchanted with them. And the fact that they're virtually holding my money captive sucks the most. It's my money. PAY ME!

But ABE just flat-out pisses me off. A (high) monthly subscripion fee AND a commission AND this credit card nonsense. AND their "New book" search and all the other things that msandromeda mentioned ... it's crazy. I would leave, except that I have sold a lot of books through them. I'll see how this new thing works. For a while. But I'm definitely looking for other venues.

I'll see how Biblio goes. It's pretty easy to join. And unlike the other sites, I CAN PROCESS MY OWN CREDIT CARD SALES!
Biblio has worked out really well for us. So has Amazon - and Amazon has an option now to turn off the ISBN matching! No more mismatched books!
If only ABE had figured out how to do the same!

Deleted comment

ABE was always a great site for both sellers and buyers. It was sold a couple of years ago, and the new management is pretty crappy. I had listed on ABE from the very beginning, but just closed our account there. It was sad.