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Are there any used/out-of-print dealers here who use Biblio? Since ABE just instigated its ridiculous credit card processing rules (we can no longer process our own credit card sales - ABE does it for us at an exorbitant fee), I've decided to check out other online bookselling sites. I've heard good things about Biblio, and I signed up today. But I don't know anyone who sells on that site. (I scrolled though dealers in my state and recognized only 3 dealers who are well-known and respected.)

I also sell on Alibris (and this past week where they didn't make an expected payment of much-needed cash just about KILLED me). They won't be paying until THIS week, which means I have not been paid yet for a book I sold MARCH 7! I hate the fact that they hold on to our money for so long.

A couple of people I know have mentioned setting up an eBay shop. Does anyone here have permanent listings on eBay? How are sales?

Since Alibris no longer lists with Amazon, I have no more Amazon sales. Does ANY site sell through Amazon these days? Or do you have to set up a seller account ($$$$$$$$$$$$$) there?

My own website does all right. Not a lot of sales, but it's consistent and always does better than I expect.

There have to be other options.

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