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Queer Shorts - On Sale Now!

Here's the most recent book update:

Publishing took more time than expected, but the books are finished and for sale now. They're available here. And, thru September, you can snag it for 35% off the cover price when you enter the voucher code HUSH before checkout!

Love. Loss. Memory. Choice. Friendship. Identity. Gender. Sexuality.

In a new collection of literary shorts, eleven new and experienced writers serve up queer in eleven different ways. Their accounts explore the queer world nearly four decades after Stonewall through unique, deeply personal perspectives.

The writers' diverse viewpoints take readers on a journey that spans four generations. Their stories explore, among other themes, the way that attraction can change identity and that new love can uncover the memory of a love lost. The pieces cover moments in time across the range of human experience, including the need to separate, wanderlust, and an extramarital affair.

Intense, often meditative, and embroiled in the power of recollection, this anthology explores many slices of queer culture through themes that will universally resonate with readers.

Queer Shorts features work from: Gayle Lloyd, Jeff Mann, William Reichard, Nairne Holtz, Ethereal, Alan Witchey, S.G. Reichen, Monica Dulberg, F.I. Goldhaber, Jen Burke and Sally Bellerose.
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